Doctoral Workshop Winter 2018
Welcome and lunch (sandwiches)
Room: Camille Joset (401)
13h Parallel session A Parallel session B
  chair: Bruno van der Linden chair: Arnaud Dufays
  Room: E41 Room: E42
  Rodrigo Londono (USL) Henri Vanhomwegen (UNamur)
  "Hub and spoke cartels: a descriptive research" "Concentration, Mutual funds Performance and (Systemic) Risk"
  Ha Huan (UCL) Joey Soudant (UNamur)
  "Servitization as a sustainable business model? An economic analysis" "Monetary Policy and Spillovers on Financial Assets: Evidence from large TVP-VAR"
Discussant: Arnaud Dufays
  Francesco Pascucci (UCL)  
  "The Rise of the Added Worker Effect: Are markets more incomplete?"  
14h30 break (room Camille Joset)
14h45 Keynote
  Prof. Rajiv Sethi
  The Geography of Lethal Force
  Room: E12
15h45 break (room Camille Joset)
16h Parallel session C Parallel session D
  chair: Lorenzo Trimarchi chair: Paola Villar
  Room: E41 Room: E42
  François-Xavier Ledru (UNamur) Modeste Dayé (UNamur)
  "Are Impact and Socially Responsible Investing Different Investment Strategies ?" "A behavioral model of poor microentrepreneurs' savings and borrowing choices"
  Bitat Abdelfeteh (USL) Stefano Falcone (ULB)
  "Eco-innovation and Business Competitiveness" "The social cost of technological innovation: improved soy seeds and land invasions in Brazil"
    Alami Anousheh (USL)
    "Drugs, violence and human capital in the context of natural disasters: Evidence from Mexico"
17h30 Cheese and Wine
  Room: Camille Joset (401)